Kids Jiujitsu 🥋discipline , having fun , learning self defense

We teach the tools for success starts on day one! Jiu-Jitsu provides tools in strength , confidence , discipline , respect and patience at young age

Bullying Ends Here

Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense Classes For Kids Under 18

At Gazze Academy we take a firm stance against bullying in schools.

We believe that the best way to prevent bullying amongst our youth is to instill the knowledge and discipline that comes from training martial arts into young people so that they can de-escalate a situation and prevent future instances of bullying to occur.

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Jiu-Jitsu And Self Defense Classes

No single activity will develop your child’s self-confidence more than getting them involved in kids’ jiu-jitsu.

They will build confidence, respect, discipline, goal setting skills, and great work ethic

Parents who enroll their kids in jiu-jitsu often remark on how much their child matures and becomes the best version of themselves.

Kids Jiujitsu having fun learning martial

Kids’ jiu-jitsu will build a healthy mental platform for your child to stand on and achieve great things now and in the future.

Kids’ martial arts have long been viewed as a great character-building activity

With each difficult challenge your child overcomes on the mat, they will develop a new sense of self-confidence that will help them overcome an equal or even greater challenge off the mat in everyday life.

Training will develop an active lifestyle and a healthy mindset

But more than just a physically powerful effect, the jiu-jitsu lifestyle also builds a healthy mindset as well

Kids Jiujitsu discipline , having fun , learning self defense

Jiu-jitsu promotes good citizenship, cooperation, positive thinking, and a gentle, constructive mindset.

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Overcoming adversity will build self-confidence

Training will develop an active lifestyle and a healthy mindset