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We teach the tools for success starts on day one! Muaythai provides tools in strength , confidence , discipline , respect and patience at young age

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Gazze Academy in Huntington Beach, CA

MuayTai Classes

To learn Muaythai we have prepared trainers who have high experience and skill in special technique for the beginner. All are welcome, beginners, professional fighters, women and children. We have 20 years of training experience to guarantee .

Muay Thai History

Learn more about what is Muaythai, to know more about the history of Muaythai and also of Nai Khanom Tom by Panra Kratius & Dr. Pitisuk Kraitus. Click the button below “learn more”​

Discover a new passion

our classes

Develop Self Confidence

No single activity will develop your child’s self-confidence more than getting them involved in the MuayThai

They will build confidence, respect, discipline, goal setting skills, and great work ethic

The structure of the class is comprised around a warm-up, lessons in technique, and partner training to practice the MuayThai techniques from the lesson.

At Gazze Academy we take a firm stance against bullying in schools

We believe that the best way to prevent bullying amongst our youth is to instill the knowledge and discipline that comes from training martial arts into young people so that they can de-escalate a situation and prevent future instances of bullying to occur.

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Since 2003

Training will develop an active lifestyle and a healthy mindset