A message from our Coach.


In 2009 i retired from the sport (due to injury in a MMA competition) people said I wasn’t gonna walk anymore I thank you God everyday to give me strength and opportunity to go back and compete and do what I love ( Jiujitsu) … I didn’t win at this IBJJFWorld Masters But of course you must embrace the enemy in the end. Sign of respect and admiration for the one who sweat and bleed with you, but in high spirit if he managed to keep your pace or if he was superior… Memory always sharp so you will not forget in what he was better and you can learn from it.
And a sublime satisfaction when you overcome your weakness .
Because battling throughout your life time,you will earn the wisdom to know that it could have being you tasting defeat Any given day… But if victory smiles… The only certainty you will have that you are perfecting yourself with your weakness. Thanks to all those that trust and support me on my dreams! God bless everyone ?