Pro Fighters

Cody and I went to the store by my house to get some candy. There was this guy in line in front of us arguing with the clerk and the clerk said "sir there are some customers behind you who would like to pay for their stuff. Then the guy says, "I don't give a (deleted), (deleted) them. He turns around and asks me if I want to box. I put my hand on Cody's chest and pushed him back in case the guy tried to punch me.

Then he turned to the clerk and asked him if he wanted to box. The clerk asked me to come up to the counter to pay for my stuff. After we pay for our stuff I went to leave and the guy grabbed my shoulder. I told him not to touch me. At this point he started to follow us out the store. I turned and put up my hands, palms out, and told him that he did not want any part of this "so don't get in my face" in a threatening manner or I would (deleted) him up.

He then started to rip off his shirt and go out the door towards Cody. I followed him out the door and tried to turn him away from Cody. He spun around towards me like he was going to do something so I took down with an outside leg trip. I got in the full mount position and secured his arm and pushed his face to the ground. I told him to "shut the (deleted) up and not move." His girlfriend tried to push me off so I told the store manager to call the police. Then she said she was going to call the cops on me and I told her "if more people call maybe they will come faster". She went into her purse and came out with mace and sprayed me in the face. I had no choice but to brake his arm with an armbar. After I felt his arm pop twice I got up and went after her to take the mace from her. I couldn't see very well so I had to go by feel at this point.

Just as I was about to grab the mace from her hand, I saw him coming with a punch from behind her. I grabbed her arm and tripped her to the ground and changed levels, went under his punch and took him down with a double leg. I again mounted him and put my hand on his face. His girlfriend came around from behind me and sprayed me in the eyes again. I couldn't see at all now so I knew I had to end it. I fought through the pain of the mace and dropped about four or five elbows just above my hand on his head.

At this point I could feel him twitching and snoring so I knew he was knocked out. I jumped up and pushed his girlfriend off of me. She tried to spray me some more but she had used the whole can on me. I went into the store and started to pore water on my face. Man it burned! The police came and arrested them both for assault.

Bob Fults - Blue Belt Jiu Jitsu

It all started back at home on the island of Kauai where I was introduced to the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. As a kid, I practiced Jiu Jitsu with my friends mostly for self-defense and fun.

It wasn’t until I moved to the Mainland and after many years of searching that I met my Sensei, Junior Gazze. He inspired my passion for the art of Jiu Jitsu.

I was a very angry person before joining the Gazze Academy Team. I did not know how to channel that angry energy in a positive way. I expressed my anger in some really negative ways.

It was through Coach Junior that I learned self control, discipline and respect, not only for others but for myself. My goal was to become a Blue Belt when I first started training. Then, Coach Junior introduced me to the sport aspect of Jiu Jitsu.

With his guidance and knowledge plus the support of my teammates I was not only able to achieve my Blue Belt but also a silver medal in the 2008 World Jiu Jitsu Tournament. This I owe to my Sensei, Junior Gazze and the rest of my teammates at the Gazze Academy.

Aloha –
Trevis Rapozo

I began training with Junior to help improve my confidence as a police officer. Junior is dedicated to his art and enthusiastic to teach those who want to learn jiu jitsu. He practices what he preaches and turns out honest, passionate, humble, and tough students. Some Junior's best lessons, for me, did not even occur on the mat. He has been a mentor and a friend, plus, he's given me an extra tool, that has literally saved my life.

Bob Smith

The sign Gazze Academy has always caught my attention as I drove by it while heading down Beach Blvd. and I have often wondered what it was about. In June of 2008, I decided to check it out. I respectfully walked into the dojo where I was humbly greeted by a guy who introduced himself as Junior. Little did I know that I was in conversation with a man who I was going to start looking up to in my near future.  Initially he invited me to come back and check out the place when a class was in session before I decide to sign up. But for some reason there was some unforeseen force that was pulling me into joining the academy that very same day.  That choice I made though unclear at that time has got to be one of the more positive choices I’ve made in life thus far.

Sensei Gazze, the man who introduced himself as Junior has become a positive role model for me. He is the epitome when describing a hard and diligent worker, someone who worked hard to get to where he is today. His techniques in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are awe-inspiring.

After a few months Sensei Gazze introduced me along with the rest of the students to the Muay Thai coach, who began teaching the aspects of Muay Thai to the students. He too has become a positive character in my life. Through their discipline and guidance Sensei Gazze as well as the Muay Thai Coach, always get the students eager to learn more. At least for me it does…Both have brought nothing but positive experiences for me.

Being a part of the Gazze Academy doesn’t just work you out and teach you the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. It also brings in friendship and a sense of a second family. A bond of friendship as well as familial ties can be seen amongst everyone who partakes in the Gazze experience.

For me I walked in alone that first day in June, and ever since, each time I walk out of the Dojo, I know my new set of family and friends are right behind me. Verizon has its network, but my Gazze network can kick butt… hehehe…d(^^,) …  I know it won’t come easy, but in time, I strive to be just like Sensei Gazze and the Muay Thai Coach…“Respectful but Dangerous”

Janzen Rivera

Sensei Gazze asked me to put together a little writing about the benefits of Jiu Jitsu in my life. To say it helped me out is putting it mildly. My life has been pretty miserable, I had low self esteem and didn't think I belonged anywhere. I would always keep my head low when walking down the street and I would hide behind humor when I desperately wanted to fit in. I had some abuse from my past that keeps with me all the time.

Ultimately (and this is not an excuse) I decided to get really heavy into cocaine. I knew it was killing me but I didn't care. The sad part was that I have a beautiful daughter and an amazing wife. It was my all time low. I need to go a little further back before I finish this story. I took cocaine when I was around 12 or so I can't remember (ironic no?) and I had stopped, cold turkey. I still had this need, though, to cut myself to get a certain feeling that only few understand. Like I said, I was a total bummer.

I met this guy named Bob Fults who started working at my office. He and I turned out to be friends and I will forever be grateful for his friendship. He started talking to me about Jiu Jitsu with Sensei Gazze and how it will be really good for me and my certain state of mind.


I went home and told my wife about Jiu Jitsu and Coach Jr. and what it may do for me and our family. She was all for it. Frankly I think she liked the fact that Sensei Gazze was going to kick my ass all over the mat. Yeah, she may still be a little angry. :

Another thing I should mention is right before I started Jiu Jitsu I had been clean for maybe 3 months or so. I ballooned up to 250 lbs.

So here I am 8 months sober, not cutting myself, 185lbs and able to stand up for myself and feel like I belong in any environment in any conversation which never happened. Also, my wife thinks I am a stud because I fought in my first of many tournaments just recently too.

I feel like I can do what ever I want and I have enough discipline to accomplish whatever I want.

It is because of joining jiu jitsu. It's because of Sensei Gazze and Bob Fults and it's because I needed a change.

I believe Sensei Gazze and Bob F. saved my life and for that I feel grateful.

I believe in Jiu Jitsu and I believe in what Sensei Gazze teaches.

Chris Ekstedt